Make America Sane Again.

“I don’t want your vote and I certainly don’t want your money.” Russell Hirshon, a political performance artist who was born in Washington DC, believes that  spending on this Presidential election may be out of control. With estimates that approximately $2.6 billion was spent in the last presidential election, it’s time to redirect campaign contributions. As donors, what would happen if we gave 10% of our intended campaign contributions to a charitable cause instead? Likely some very beautiful things.

Russell’s campaign is focused on inspiring charitable giving rather than political contributions. Please help him make this a reality. Donate to one of your own favorite organizations or start now by donating to one of our favorite causes. Get a campaign t-shirt and the proceeds go to charity.

Feel free to vote for the other candidates but be sure that you commit time to a cause or support to a charitable organization. Real change in America begins with you.

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