Make America Sane Again.

Russell Hirshon is a performance artist, bartender and sometimes creative type. He does not want to be President of the United States, rather he wants you to consider how we can return America to some sense of sanity.

I hope that our country can moves forward in a manner that treats all citizens fairly and with dignity, that our public educational system is open and accommodating for students of all means, and that women are treated equally among men and that their choices remain their choices.

This campaign is focused on inspiring charitable giving rather than donations made to political candidates. With over $2 billion dollars donated to Presidential candidates and their campaign efforts during the 2016 election cycle, it’s time for change.

Instead of donating to politicians, I ask that you donate to one of your own favorite charitable organizations. Your contributions towards charity will accomplish far more than your political contribution ever will.

The mid-term elections in less than two years offer an opportunity for all Americans to demonstrate how they feel by voting, I recommend that you participate so that America can return to some sense of normalcy that offers fairness and the values that we believe to be true.

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