2016 Presidential Height Index

In a not so recent article in the Guardian, voters view tall politicians as better suited for leadership according to a survey of how people visualise their leaders. A referenced “Presidential Height Index” found that the taller of the Republican or Democratic candidates emerged as the winner in 58 per cent of US elections between 1789 and 2008.

Leading into 2016, this means that  at 6’2″ Mitt Romney is positioned well for a comeback and at 6’3″ I am even more likely to win. So in an effort to assist the great voting population of America I am providing the 2016 Presidential Height Index for selecting our next President.

  1. Donald Trump is 6′ 2″ but half of that may be his ego.
  2. Mitt Romney is 6′ 2″ but that didn’t help him last time around.
  3. Paul Ryan is not a candidate yet but at 6′ 1″ he is looking good.
  4. Bernie Sanders is 6″ but be may drop an inch as his spine continues to settle.
  5. Marci Rubio is 5′ 10″ but he looks a lot shorter. I promise he will be standing 6′ tall at the convention when he uses his delegates to sway the outcome.  (Can you say Vice President Rubio?)
  6. John Kasich is 5′ 9″ but he leans over a lot.
  7. Ted Cruz is 5′ 8″ but I hear the hand of God gives him a 1 inch lift.
  8. Hillary Clinton is 5′ 7″ but there is no mention if that is with flats or heels.

So choose wisely and remember that every inch counts when it comes to making our voters happy.