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Perfromance Art Politics

It was a long time ago that Russell walked among the citizens as a man on a political mission. Spurred on by the political and personal antics of Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry, Russell ran for Mayor in 1990 in a campaign that can best be described as his first performance politics. Russell then decided to run for President in 1992 in an effort to put forth a creative spin on a Presidential campaign that focused on activating the youth vote. That could have been the end of it, but this year’s Presidential candidates presented created a group of individuals who seemed to fall short of our expectations. Because of these candidates, Russell dedicated his 2016 Presidential campaign to raising awareness for what he considers excessive donations to political campaigns and a better option which is channeling campaign donations to charitable organizations instead.

Donate! But not to me. Instead of more money going to campaign contributions, donate to your favorite charity or support these organizations which mean a lot to me. Making a donation or purchasing a shirt will benefit these 501 C3 organizations (proceeds go to the respective charities) then it would be money going to a far better good.

Russell Hirshon For President

Press Release

Hirshon Directs Campaign Donations to Charitable Organizations

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 Some Homes
Should Never Be For Sale


This house just might have the largest price tag ever. Maybe we should limit Super Pac funding.  Their commercials have been pretty crappy anyway.

One Candidate Does Give A Shit.


What can I say, I care.


“What do we expect out of our candidates? apparently not a whole lot.”