Free Speech shouldn’t cost a thing

Free Speech


Malibu Pier

As the sun set in Malibu, we hoisted our campaign commode out to the pier to get a full perspective of the ocean as it meets the land. While visitors generally kept to themselves, a few seagulls hovered in the distance signaling their support for our campaign.


The Campaign Rocks Venice Beach

Our campaign stop to Venice Beach CA was one to remember. Our crew brought only the commode and Russell’s Presidential suit to an otherwise lovely California day. Having selected our campaign position on the hill not 100 feet from the skate board park and just steps from the cement walk, Russell Hirshon campaigned with his best foot forward.



During our LA campaign stop, Malibu was a special destination. With the annual Chili Festival just down the street, we set up our campaign toilet on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH for those in the know) and sat on the median. Traffic was fast and steady and our support was measured in the honking horns and camera phones that tracked our activities. Even the California Highway Patrol was forgiving as they asked us to vacate the area immediately and without a pat down.


Campaign Dupont Circle, D.C.

Russell Hirshon campaigned at Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. in the heat of August asking Americans to vote for the candidate of their choice but give to a charity instead of a political campaign. The most amazing aspect of this day was that 3o minutes of sitting on a toilet at Dupont Circle really did not cause any issues, traffic or otherwise.


Give to Charities and Not to Campaigns

Our first commercial means a lot to us. We are asking that people don’t give to political campaigns but to give to the charity of their choice. The 2012 presidential election campaign cycle burned $2.6 billion dollars in political spending – the 2016 could potentially to surpass that amount. Should only 10% of political contributions go to charitable organizations, approximately $260 million dollars would end up working for our communities, friends and families in need.


Trump In The White House?

Its getting tight,  Donald wins resoundingly in N.Y and can see the convention in his headlights. Cruz on the other hand is a man on a mission to stop Trump at any cost. The rhetoric is so passionate that end of world scenarios are being presented as consequences to Trump being selected as a the Republican Candidate and even taken office. As a lifelong Washingtonian, I believe their could be an upside to him as President.
Continue reading “Trump In The White House?”


Headlines I’d like to see

We are almost a year into campaign activities and I am still discovering more about the candidates.  Each day  our  news resources attempt to sway and influence voters allegiance with creative headlines and even more creative reporting to amplify the drama and/or incompetence of the Presidential candidates.  I wish that those headlines would dig a little deeper into the heart and soul of our candidates. Continue reading “Headlines I’d like to see”


Looks matter, vote for me because I’m beautiful.

I know its small minded to vote on looks but we do. Can any of you imagine electing an unattractive candidate as President? This is the person we will have to watch on TV every single day for at least the next four years.  He or she will be shaking hands with foreign heads of state and welcoming the world to our doorstep.   Continue reading “Looks matter, vote for me because I’m beautiful.”


The Heart of Russell’s Campaign is a Macintosh 512

Technology is the heart of any campaign. Russell Hirshon (seen using his Power Macintosh 6100 )  feels that technology really is the keystone of his victory plan. Some may ask why we have not updated to some of the more speedy computers but the computer I really love is the Mac 512, which is truly a workhorse. Here is what it comes loaded with so read it and weep. Continue reading “The Heart of Russell’s Campaign is a Macintosh 512”