Looks matter, vote for me because I’m beautiful.

I know its small minded to vote on looks but we do. Can any of you imagine electing an unattractive candidate as President? This is the person we will have to watch on TV every single day for at least the next four years.  He or she will be shaking hands with foreign heads of state and welcoming the world to our doorstep.  Look at Canada, they elected Justin Trudeau and he is not just a pretty face but a smart, talented, caring and representative face of the Canadian people. I would go as far as to say that he is the rock star of the political world as he leads Canada forward.

Reasons why we really vote on looks.

  1. Umm, I said it before, four years.
  2. Sarah Palin (need I say more?)
  3. A good looking President will have an attractive first lady.
  4. John and Jackie Kennedy really made us all look good.
  5. After Richard Nixon, anyone would look good.
  6. Some entertainment Presidents that set a precedent:
    1. Geena Davis in Commander in Chief made the President look really good.
    2. Kevin Spacey in House of Cards leaves us all believing anything is possible and to lock our doors.
    3. Martin Sheen in The West Wing was so serious,  I liked him better in Apocalypse Now where he was seriously insane.
    4. Michael Douglas in The American President with Annette Bening were a cute couple but Richard Dreyfuss played a  Newt Gingrich look and act alike.
    5. Henry Fonda in Fail-Safe was enough to fund fallout shelters for twenty years. Sorry about NY, I would have given up NJ instead.
    6. David Palmer in 24 helped Americans get used to the idea of a black President but we are now “In Good Hands with Allstate.”
    7. Gene Hackman in Welcome to Mooseport, who doesn’t like Gene Hackman?