Protesting at the Capitol? Follow These Tips.

Demonstrating is the key to our democracy and while times have changed, we still make our positions known and our passion felt by expressing it at a demonstration. The things that I have learned for effective demonstrating are the following:

  1. Do not take a chain saw to the Capitol Building or any Federal building for that matter. There is a sensitivity to power tools amongst crowds and nobody appreciates “Made in America” when it comes to perceived weapons.
  2. Everything changes when you actually start the chain saw.
  3. While you can go “shirt optional” its better to have a t-shirt in the back pocket just in case you get thrown in the wagon.
  4. Wrapping yourself in the American Flag may have a beneficial effect or a traumatic one. Be aware of the audience you are protesting with and exactly where you are.
  5. Have an exit strategy. You never know when you might need to get the hell out of there fast.
  6. It helps to actually believe in what you are demonstrating for rather than just taking a sick day for a walk in the sunshine.
  7. Don’t call in sick and then show up at a demonstration. ┬áMore chances than not that your picture may show up somewhere you were not expecting.
  8. Wear underwear under the flag, you never know if someone wants a souvenir.
  9. Make sure you thank the person who brought you and takes you home, walking is a bitch when you look like security threat. (Thanks Shelly!)


Capitol Protest