The Heart of Russell’s Campaign is a Macintosh 512

Technology is the heart of any campaign. Russell Hirshon (seen using his Power Macintosh 6100 )  feels that technology really is the keystone of his victory plan. Some may ask why we have not updated to some of the more speedy computers but the computer I really love is the Mac 512, which is truly a workhorse. Here is what it comes loaded with so read it and weep.

Mac 512

  • 8 MHZ 68000 Processor
  • 1 MGB of RAM
  • 512 KB of Memory
  • 9 inch monochrome display at 512 X 342 resolution

So as the Mac 512 sits humbly on my desk, waiting to drive us to victory, its worth taking a step back to think of how we got here.

Take a moment to listen to Wendy Rieger present concepts for the future of political campaigning (1996).