Meet Russell Hirshon

I still believe in a place called hopeful

Russell Hirshon is a Performance Artist/politician who feels the most important aspect of this campaign is making a least one good thing happen from all of the insanity. With two candidates who are as different as possible, we don’t need the kind of money that has been spent to determine who to vote for. Instead we should donate to charitable organizations rather than political campaigns.

As a registered Independent candidate for President, Russell’s mission is to ask as many people as possible to give to a better cause. This means asking ourselves how we can all give to make our world a better place and it starts with us.

A History of Insanity

They say great leaders are born but I beg to differ.  I believe great leaders come from a massive ego coupled with an insatiable demand for attention, acceptance and power. Oh, there is the rare occasion where someone is actually dedicated to hope and change but it is rare and fleeting as the other megalomaniacals manage to arrest any dreamers hope.

Russell Hirshon is the least qualified individual for President.

That being said here are some things to consider:

  1. Russell does not want your vote
  2. Russell does not want your money
  3. Russell Hirshon likes to ride his bike whenever possible and enjoys the wind blowing in his face.
  4. Russell believes that all Americans should get a Master’s Degree from the School of Hard Knocks.
  5. Russell is waiting for an interview with Megyn Kelly, preferably at a nice restaurant and where Fox picks up the tab
  6. Russell likes Pina Coladas.

Not All Presidential
Candidates Are Crazy
Just One (1992)just1


Russell Hirshon’s
Position on Drugs (1992)toilet

Campaigning (1992)


Presidential Obsession (1992)obsesion_a


Adams Morgan Day (1990)



“Choosing a candidate is like sex on the first date, excitement followed by a lot of regret.”