Trump In The White House?

Its getting tight,  Donald wins resoundingly in N.Y and can see the convention in his headlights. Cruz on the other hand is a man on a mission to stop Trump at any cost. The rhetoric is so passionate that end of world scenarios are being presented as consequences to Trump being selected as a the Republican Candidate and even taken office. As a lifelong Washingtonian, I believe their could be an upside to him as President.

If Donald Trump is elected the following might be possible:

  1. The White House becomes the upscale hotel that it was always meant to be.
  2. Haynes Point (DC) golf course finally gets the upgrade that everyone who has ever played on it has dreamed of.
  3. The 13 story building limit is removed in Washington and we finally get the 90 story buildings that offer the view fitting of such a lovely city.
  4. Metro becomes dependable as a working transportation mode.
  5. More parking spaces are created so that we can actually find legal places to park.
  6. An extension of bicycle paths are created that are actually safe for bicycles.
  7. The reflecting pool is filters are fixed so that the moss and algae that grow in it every year stop doing just that.
  8. The Vice President is given residence at the White House so we don’t have to stop in traffic for 30 minutes every time he goes to work down Mass Ave.
  9. White House state dinners are hosted by José Andrés and reservations will be taken.  Donald and José  will have made up by then and will be fast friends.